Suppose you’re an aspiring writer or poet in India. In that case, there’s good news for you: the literary world is no longer restricted to traditional publishing avenues. Thanks to the digital revolution, various pathways exist to turn your passion into a profit. So, how do you earn money by publishing a book? Let’s unravel this puzzle together.

Traditional Publishing: The Classic Route


  • Advance on Royalties: The publisher pays you an advance before your book hits the shelves. It’s like a vote of confidence in your work.
  • Marketing Support: Publishers typically handle marketing and distribution, ensuring your book reaches a broader audience.


  • Lesser Royalty: Authors typically receive 10-15% royalties on the book’s MRP.
  • Lengthy Process: Getting a book deal can be time-consuming and often requires a literary agent.

Self-Publishing: The New-Age Revolution

Platforms like Amazon’s KDP and other self-publishing avenues have democratised the publishing landscape.


  • Higher Royalties: You can earn up to 70% in royalties.
  • Complete Control: From book cover design to pricing, the decision-making power lies with you.


  • Initial Investment: You may need to spend on editing, cover design, and marketing.
  • Distribution Challenges: While online distribution is easy, getting your book into physical stores can take time and effort.

E-books and Audiobooks: Tapping into the Digital Market

With smartphones being ubiquitous, e-books and audiobooks have grown in popularity.


  • Broader Reach: Digital books can reach global audiences.
  • Cost-Effective: No printing costs involved.


  • Competitive Landscape: The digital market is saturated, so you’ll need robust marketing strategies.

Leverage Your Book for Other Opportunities

Once your book is out, it can open doors to:

  • Speaking Engagements: Seminars, workshops, and webinars can be a lucrative spin-off.
  • Freelance Writing: Your published book can serve as an impressive portfolio piece.
  • Consultation Services: Position yourself as an industry expert.

Licensing and Rights Sales

Sell your book’s rights for:

  • Translations: Reach non-English speaking markets.
  • Adaptations: Think movies, web series, or theatrical adaptations.

Merchandising and Spin-offs

Novels with a strong fanbase can venture into merchandise or even sequel novellas, adding a new revenue stream.


Publishing a book in India and earning money is more than just writing well. It’s about understanding the market, leveraging various platforms, and strategising your move in the literary chessboard. Whether you’re a budding poet or an established author, there’s immense potential to monetise your passion.
Remember, the journey from penning down thoughts to seeing your book being sold can be challenging. But with platforms like, you’re not alone. Join our community and make your dream of becoming a published author in India a reality!